About wood glue

Release Time:May,17,2018

1. Comparison of Urea Formaldehyde Resin Powder and Glue:


Urea Formaldehyde Resin Powder



The powder have a longer storage. It usually can keep 1 to 2 years.

According to the actual amount of wood glue powder open match, so the bonding make sure in high quality.

The glue usually only keep storage within 6 months. If the glue is opened, it will be affected the bonding quality because the air moisture has lower the viscosity.


The UF resin powder can apply in cold or hot pressing. After gluing, the wood surface will be flat and smooth.

The glue, if also adding the flour, will be frothing on surface of plywood after applying the hot pressing machine.


Mix the glue powder with water in volume 5:2.But it can be adjusted according to the viscosity.

The glue's viscosity is fixed.


Dry fast or slow depends on the proportion of curing agent. The standard powder takes about 3 hours after drying. But it is according to the temperature.

The glue curing time can not change.


The hardness and viscosity of UF resin glue are stronger than glue.

After using the UF resin glue, the plywood can waterproof, Anti-mildew, anti-yellowing, strong adhesion, aanti-aging, not easy to deformation.

The UF resin powder is suitable for a variety of environments without special choice of model, easy to use.

The glue has different model  choice. It takes a lot of time to choose according to different processes requires.


The UF resin powder usually is packed by bags. They are easy for transportation and storage.

Glue must be packed in drums. Packing and transportation costs are high and easy to leak.


The UF resin powder  is the environmental protection products.

It contains very few formaldehyde inside. Basically it do not have harm to human body.

Glue contains certain organic solvents, which are toxic.


The UF resin powder usually is white, blown or yellow. There are any colors choosing.

The glue usually is white color only.

2. How to use this Glue powder?
a. Mix the gule powder with water in volume (3 parts of Glue powder to 1 part of water) approximately 1 kg Glue to 1/2 L water. To avoid waste, mix only the amount sufficient for one hour's use.

b. Stir thoroughly until the mixture becomes a smooth paste, free of lumps. The mixture should have the consistency of slightly runny peanut butter or honey.
c. Use brush or piece of wood to spread glue mixture thinly on the surface, just one side is enough. Make sure the surfaces to be glued are clean, free from moisture, grease, or dust.
d. Clamp or press while the glue mixture is still wet or tacky, and let a little glue squeeze-out from the joint upon pressing to indicate adequate glue spread. Wipe out excess glue with cloth before it dries. Clean all tools, equipment, and containers with warm water well within one hour after mixing.

3. What products can be bonded?
Top hot sales UF Resin Powder E1 is very suitable and highly recommended for uses such as :
- Production of wooden furniture and wooden handicrafts
- Veneering, laminating, paneling, edge-gluing operations
- Filling holes on wood, by simply adding saw dust
- Reparation of wooden products

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