Ribbon product quality analysis

Release Time:May,23,2018

How to identify the quality of the clothing ingredients - the quality of the ribbon? What are the methods for judging the quality of the webbing?

1. Visual inspection method:

a. Color difference test: the naked eye has no yin and yang color, the color and texture (each needle must be in a color). The needle edge and the cloth edge cannot be exchanged.
b. Hair: By visual observation, the two surfaces and sides of the webbing woven fabric cannot have serious hair balls or filaments that affect the belt surface.
c. Jumping needle: By visual inspection, the webbing weaving cannot have a jump stitch.
d. Contamination: By visual observation, the surface of the webbing weave should not have oil, stain or dust. The above is a general method of judging the quality of the webbing to judge whether the quality of the webbing is good or bad.

2. Technical testing method:
a. Thickness detection: tolerance cannot exceed ±0.1MM
b. Width detection: 1" and 1" width webbing weaving tolerance shall not exceed ± 0.25 points; 25MM and 25MM width webbing weaving tolerance shall not exceed ± 0.5MM; 1" and 25MM or less webbing weaving width, standard The tolerance should not exceed ± 0.25MM; Note: The plain and herringbone sidebands must be of sufficient size but not exceeding 0.25.
c. Colorimeter detection: The color contrast judgment of the webbing weaving products can be carried out by a professional colorimeter.
d. Smell method: For polyester webbing, nylon webbing can be distinguished by burning odor and ash.

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