Causes of chromatic aberration in the webbing

Release Time:May,17,2018

The most feared thing about the dyed webbing is that the dyed color has a color difference with the color approved by the customer. What is the cause of the color difference?

Common problems of chromatic aberration are: the color difference between the sampled webbing sample and the guest original board; the color difference after the customer's approval of the color swatch and the large woven fabric.

The reasons for the chromatic aberration are:

1. Material and batch number of the material: reflected color light; difference in organization form, degree of density;

2. Differences in dyeing webbing process: dyeing method, dye quality; lateral color difference between dyed large goods and confirmed sample strips, longitudinal color difference between each strip, difference between machine and its conditions, Color difference between dyed batches;

3, the characteristics of the webbing: low temperature dyeing of cotton belt and organic cotton webbing, bamboo fiber webbing, high temperature dyeing of polyester webbing and nylon webbing, the difference in characteristics, is also the cause of color difference.

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